January 2020 Wrap-Up; getting over a reading slump and reading more contemporary novels 🌷📗

january 2020Hello everyone!

The last couple weeks have been super busy with work, and I have been tired so I apologize that this post has been a bit late. I am so happy that I can finally sit down and write my first wrap-up of 2020! As you all know, at the end of 2019, I was in a reading slump. I still read but it was tedious and it would take me so much longer that it usually would to go through one book. 

When 2020 started, I wanted to be done with this reading slump. I wanted to read again, the way I used to. I can’t say I’m completely back to reading as often as I did before, but it is so much better after one month, I’m genuinely so happy about it.Read More »


Life and reading update: moving, settling in and reading in-between 🍂📙

life update

Hello everyone!

I was going to write a wrap-up post as a way to come back to blogging at the start of October. Today is October 11th as I am writing this and I realized it simply was not the right post to write. September was really an intense month, which is why I was mostly absent on the blog. It was not planned at all, but life happened and I had a lot to deal with.

I want to say that I’ve missed blogging and the book community a lot the past few weeks.Read More »

June Wrap-Up: hope & changed expectations ⛅

june wrap up(1)Hi everybody!

June went by so fast. This month has been one of learning and change for me. A lot has been on my mind. I’ve been back at my work for a whole month now, and it took me a while to get used to it again, but I’m so happy. Some days have been really busy though, and I haven’t been able to read as much as I thought I would now that the school year is over. Less than last month even, which was definitely not what I was expecting. Still, I’ve read some amazing books in June, ones that I’ve been thinking about a lot since I read them, ones that have been so important to me. And it’s what matters, right?Read More »

May wrap-up: a month of beginnings, endings and surprises 🌻

may wrap-upHi everyone!

May was a month of final exams, getting the results for said final exams, moving, a couple weeks of vacation before I start work in June and not reading as many books as I would have liked. Good news is, my exams went alright and I passed my first year of studying law at university 🎉 I was honestly so relieved because I was expecting to have failed my second semester. I’ve also finished my replay of Mass Effect 2 (a game from my favourite game series, as I’ve mentioned a few times I think?) and as usual, it was emotional. I pretty much know the last mission of the game by heart, and yet I was worried I would make a mistake (I didn’t). I started my replay of Mass Effect 3 right after, but I haven’t made much progress. I love video games because, to me, they’re just another form of storytelling with incredible characters and plots so I wanted to mention it.Read More »

April Wrap-Up: A fast paced month

Wear Red(1)Hello everyone!

April feels like it went by much faster than the previous months and I have no idea why. At the beginning of the month, I unfortunately had the flu which was not a fun time at all, it took me over a week to finally feel better. I just spent days in bed, sleeping and resting; I could barely read because of the migraines and overall exhaustion. I hated not being able to do much of anything, but I am much better now, it was pretty much over at the end of the first week of April. I also finished my second semester of lectures at university this month and I am now in the middle of final exams which is slightly (okay, very) stressful. Today was actually my law history exam!Read More »

March 2019 Wrap-Up 📚

March Wrap-UpHi everyone!

March was a very exhausting month for me to say the least. I’m still recovering from it 😴 I expected some form of exhaustion because I had very important exams coming at university, but my mental health also wasn’t at its best (because why not make things harder?). But I got through it and after my last exam last Thursday, I thought I’d get some rest and relax. That’s when, on Friday evening, I realized I’d gotten the flu 🤒 Yeah. I’m still ill right now, and the doctor I saw told me it might take me another few days to get better. Still, March wasn’t all bad at all. I read some really good books, started another playthrough of my favourite game series of all time (Mass Effect), made some new friends…

And I have no doubt April will be much better! My final exams start on the last week of April but I’m somehow not as stressed now. April is also my birthday so that should be a bit of fun too! 🎂Read More »

February Wrap-Up: A surprising month

february-wrap-up.pngHappy Thursday!

I’d like to apologize for not posting this past week: I’ve been quite overwhelmed because my winter break ended and I had an exam at the beginning of the week (a small one but still stressful, exams are never not stressful to me). Hopefully, I’ll get back into a good rhythm because I missed blogging even if it was just for a few days. I’ve only had this blog for a month, but I’m really attached to it, and having so much fun; everyone has been so nice, so thank you to all of you for your kindness and how welcoming you’ve been. ♥Read More »

January Wrap-Up

January Wrap-Up


Happy Friday!

January was a surprising reading month for me, in the best way possible. On January 1st, I set my goodreads challenge at 40 books, same as for 2018. I didn’t manage to reach these 40 books last year, and I was set on trying again and succeeding this time.
I was not expecting to start the year so well with 7 books read this month. It’s personally such a good number for me, and aside from this number, I enjoyed every single book I read which makes this reading month even better.

Read More »