My TBR for the #StartOnYourShelfathon, all about reading the books that I own ✨📘

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Hi everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my list of books I’d like to read for the amazing #StartonYourShelfathon organized and hosted by The Quiet Pond. As you know, I very rarely create lists of books I plan to read because I am a mood reader. However, this is a year long readathon, from December 18th 2019 to December 31st 2020 and the goal is to read as many unread books that we own on our bookshelf so I am very hopeful I will be able to achieve my goals ✨

We can set our own goals for this readathon which is another point I absolutely love. I do not think I will get to reading all the books I own but haven’t read yet, not because I have too many of them but rather because I’m not sure I am interested in some of them anymore. And that’s perfectly okay! Instead, I have decided to create smaller goals for myself to read as many of them as possible and to be able to map my progress more easily on the star map. Because of course I have to help Castor the Star Collector!

You can find all the information and resources created by the lovely bloggers @ The Quiet Pond right here including the star maps, Castor the Star Collector & the post banner I have used in this post. And now, here are my goals!


1As you know, contemporary is not my favourite genre, but I have begun reading more contemporary novels this year. I even purchased a few, but sadly never got to them this year but I am still really interested in them so this readathon is the perfect opportunity to get to reading them!

2This is a bit more challenging, but I also believe I can achieve it in a year. I reread Daughter of Smoke and Bone as well as Shadow and Bone this year because I wanted to continue on with the series, and yet it is now December and I haven’t read past the first book. For A Reaper at the Gates, I read the first two books of the series this year and decided to wait a little to read the third one closer to the release of the final book (also my heart was not ready for the feels) so 2020 is the year!

3I decided to read The Darkest Part of The Forest after reading other Holly Black books and I was close to read it several times but ultimately decided to read another book each time. Why, I have no idea. It has been on my TBR for a long time, so I’m determined to read it. The Next Together & Toxic were both books I found thanks to twitter, and they sounded like stories I would absolutely love, and still would today!




7When I was listing the books that I own to prepare for this readathon, I realized most of the books I had not read yet were first novels in series. For some of these books, I also own the sequels and my hope is to read them as well if I enjoy the first novel. But as a first step, I would like to get to all of these books to decide if I want to continue on with the series they’re a part of or not; some of them are already completed series and maybe I will find myself buying the sequels and reading them in 2020 too. Maybe. But if I can read all of these novels, I will be very happy.


Creating my TBR for the readathon was a challenge, but also a great opportunity. It has allowed me to sort the books I own that I actually want to read, and the books I know I won’t read. I own a few books (not many) that did not go into this list because I realized I had no interest in reading them anymore, and that is already a great thing; I was honest with myself and I now have a clearer idea of my actual TBR. So for this readathon, my tentative number of books to read is 28! I have no idea if I’ll achieve this goal but it will be interesting to see in a year!

Do you plan to participate in the #StartonYourShelfathon? If so, how many books would you like to read? Any title you are really excited to read?

Until next time,





20 thoughts on “My TBR for the #StartOnYourShelfathon, all about reading the books that I own ✨📘

  1. Omg, I can’t wait for you to read Mirage and Empire of Sand! Mirage was one of my fave reads from 2018 and Empire of Sand was one of my faves from this year!

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  2. What a great idea for a readathon!! I wish you luck with all of these! The Darkest Part of the Forest has been on my TBR for a while too and I feel like I’ll really like it – hope you do too 😀 And I’m at the exact same place in the Ember in the Ashes series, and since the last book doesn’t come out for a while, I’ll probably put the third book off a little longer 😉 I hope you enjoy all of these books on your TBR!

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    • Thank you so much Margaret! ♥ I’m really curious to see where I am at with this readathon a year from now 🙂 I’ll have to read/watch a quick summary of the two previous books before I start A Reaper at the Gates though to make sure! I hope we both enjoy it when we get to it!


  3. I love your TBR and will definitely be joining in with the Reading Challenge as well 🥰 I’m also a big fan of being able to set your own goals and I think one of mine will have to be to read the books that have been on my physical TBR for years 😅 I also really really want to start Something Strange and Deadly, but I’m afraid of having such high expectations 😱

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    • Ah I’m so glad you’re joining the readathon as well! ♥ All the books on my list are actually ebooks because I rarely buy physical books of novels I haven’t read before, but that’s a good goal for you! I’ve also had some books for years and like, I need to get to them haha
      I think that might be one of the reason I haven’t read Something Strange and Deadly yet, after falling in love with the Witchlands this year. It’s always scary to start a series by the same author! But I did it with Marie Lu and really, it was 100% worth it ♥

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  4. Ah what a great TBR, best of luck for the challenge, Noémie! I can’t wait for you to read Always Never Yours, I love this book SO much ❤ I'm hoping to read A Reaper at the Gates sometimes next year, as well… my heart isn't quite ready for the feels either haha.
    Hope you'll love all of these 🙂

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  5. setting smaller goals is definitely a great idea! I always find myself forgetting about yearlong readathons and reading challenges, having to scramble to finish them in November and December 😅

    I’m also aiming to finish a few series in 2020, especially since some of them (Queen’s Thief, Truly Devious, etc) have the final book coming out. but as you mention, there are so many new first-in-series books (and ones that aren’t new but that I’ve been meaning to read) … it’s certianly an uphill battle.

    my goal for the readathon is 10 books per month, which is about the average number of books I read per month this past year! best of luck to us both!

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    • i’m hoping i won’t forget and i’ll definitely keep reminding myself of the books on this list so i can hopefully achieve it!

      I love Truly Devious so much, I cannot wait for the finale ♥♥ Series are definitely an uphiill battle because so many of them sound awesome, but I have a few already started series already haha

      10 books per month is so impressive!! I wish you all the luck for this year!!

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  6. I really want to participate, but I’m not sure I will have time to read this year 😦 However, one of my reading goals is to read more backlist books so I see some of the books on my tbr such as the Immortal Rules and the Winner’s Curse 🙂 Good luck with your goal!

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    • Reading backlist books is always so fun, there’s just so many gems out there I never really look at the year a book was published ♥ And even if you don’t participate in the readathon, I hope you achieve your goal of reading more of them!


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