The memories I made reading while growing up 🌼

reading memories

Hello everyone!

Reading has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Even when I did not know how to read yet, I used to look through books which I absolutely loved. And when I learned how to read a book, by myself, it became a part of me. There have been times when I haven’t read as much, or when I was confused as to what my reading taste truly was, but books have always been a part of my life.

A while ago, I was thinking about all the memories I associate with reading, and how much of an impact reading has had on my life; if I’m honest, I was a bit emotional. These are happy memories, or difficult moments that were a bit easier thanks to books and reading; they mean a lot to me. So I thought I would talk about those memories today.


📔 I very distinctly remember that one moment from when I was five years old and in my last year of kindergarden. By then, I had learned how to read, and my teacher asked me if I wanted to read a small book to the class. So we sat down, her next to me so she could help if I struggled, facing the class and I read a book to my classmates. I was so proud of myself, I still remember that feeling twenty years later. I was so nervous at the time, but it went so well, it really was a happy moment from my childhood.

📔 In the living room of my childhood home (from which I moved when I was 9), we had a shelf with my mum’s graphic novels and comic books. Most of them I didn’t enjoy, but I had a few I adored and I would be sitting on the floor next to the shelf, reading them over and over again. I knew the stories by heart, but it didn’t matter; I enjoyed reading them everytime. I stopped when I grew up, but those were quiet moments I loved as a kid.


📔 I am very lucky; my mum was (and still is) a reader like I am and we would go to the library very often to choose new books to read. When I moved at 9 years old, I had a very difficult time with it, but going to the library was still one of those moments I loved. I’d spent so long choosing books and I would take home as many books as my library allowed, and start reading them right then in the car on the way home. I often took out the same books as well, because I loved them so much. I can remember choosing The Babysitter’s club books, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or La Quête d’Ewilan which is a book series from a french author. Even thinking about it makes me smile.

french library books

📔 For my eight birthday, a friend gifted me a Harry Potter boxset with books one to four, and at first, I was so disappointed. Don’t ask me why, but I was certain I would not like them. It took me a while to decide to read them, and I was so surprised when I completely fell in love with the story and characters. After that, I would wait for the library to buy the newest release or if I could, buy it myself because I was really looking forward to continuing the story. I very much remember the wait between book six and book seven seemed SO LONG.

french harry potter

📔 I also went to so many garage sales growing up, buying used books and start reading them right away in the car on the way home, just as I did when we went to the library. I pretty much always found at least one book I thought would be interesting and I loved discovering new books I maybe would not have bought otherwise. People recommended books as well which was so fun!


📔 When I was thirteen, we had to read a novel about The Legend of Arthur for my french class. I can’t remember the name of the novel, but I still remember the cover was dark blue. I loved it so much, which did not happen often with school required reading, and I was so excited to study it in class. I would love to find that book again and reread it.

📔 A few years later, I saw the trailer for a tiny movie called Twilight. I loved that trailer, and when I learned the movie was based on books, I was determined to read them in the few months before the movie released. I found books one and three secondhand and I bought book two with birthday money I think? I cannot tell you how many times I reread Twilight. Book one was the book I read when I was bored, sick, or depressed, often in one sitting because I knew the story by heart but I loved it with all my heart. I might not think the same way if I reread it today, but at the time, it was really important to me.

french twilight

📔 Then a friend recommended I read The Hunger Games. So I decided to pick up the first book one evening, thinking I’d read a few chapters then go to sleep. But oh no, that did not happen: I found myself staring at the last page, at 2 in the morning, shocked. I LOVED it so much I did not see the time pass me by. I remember checking if my parents realized my light was on at that time (because I was not supposed to be up by then) but they didn’t and I fell asleep thinking about the story. Two months later, I asked for book 2 & 3 for Christmas!

french hunger games


Here are the memories I thought about a while ago. I read in french throughout my childhood, which is why the covers are the french versions. I have many more memories with reading since then, like when I read my first books in english, or the many times I tried to start a book blog… And despite my still on-going reading slump, I wanted to remember how much I love reading. I love it with all of my heart, and I’m sure I’ll start reading more regularly soon enough. Books and reading have had such a positive impact on my life, and I wanted to share that. 

I would love for you to share some of your memories that you associate with reading in the comments so we can chat! 

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “The memories I made reading while growing up 🌼

  1. Ahh, this was such a beautiful post. Thank you so much for writing it, Noémie. I too am very thankful that my mom is a reader and always encouraged me to read as a child, because I honestly would not be a reader today if I didn’t grow up with her constantly emphasizing the importance of reading. And, ahh, I relate so much to that feeling of staying up late to read a book and being afraid that your parents will catch you. My parents have actually caught me multiple times, and they get mad, but it’s worth it, because I just need to know what’s gonna happen in my current reads sometimes, haha.
    Actually, I don’t have a lot of memories associated with reading because most of the books I read as a child, I don’t look back on fondly now. But I still remember that my mom sometimes read the Berenstein Bears books to me! I loved those picture books so much, and they were super educational to me as a child.

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    • Thank you so much Caitlin, that means a lot! ♥ I don’t think I would have read as much if my mom wasn’t a reader as well, I totally understand what you mean.
      And exactly! You just NEED to know what happens next, that was me reading The Hunger Games, I didn’t want to stop because I was so into the story!
      That’s so sweet. I have some bittersweet memories as well, I get you. I had picture books as a kid too, and ones with the story of a mouse who was, guess what, named Noémie. I loved it as a kid. Picture books are great!


  2. Oh what a wonderful, wonderful idea for a post, I loved reading this so much. I feel like we read some of the same books over the years, too, it makes me so happy! I read the sisterhood of the travelling pants earlier on, as well as ewilan, then twilight and the hunger games and then I switched to english books and here I am as well. I love how similar our journeys are! 😀

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  3. This is so lovely! I definitely have very fond memories of the books from my childhood as well – I personally learned how to read from Dick & Jane books, so they will always hold a very special place in my heart – and for that reason, I’d like to have a copy of the two large collected volumes at some point. Nolstagia is wild. I loved The Babysitter’s Club and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as well – they’re definitely classics!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot ♥ Nostalgia is indeed wild, and I understand you wanting these books as a memory of your childhood! I could not tell you the book I did read to my classroom that day, but I wish I could remember. I grew up with these books, I’m glad you could relate!

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