The Liebster Award, a grateful moment and a trip down memory lane 🖋️📔

liebster award

Hello everyone! 🍂

Back in June, the lovely Lauren @ twenty-seven letters nominated me for the Liebster Award, which I am so thankful for! Lauren has been such a sweet and friendly presence ever since I started blogging which I am incredibly thankful for. I really suggest giving her blog a read, it’s so worth it!Read More »


The Taylor Swift Lover Book Tag: talking about books and characters while listening to an album I love 🌸


Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, I love Taylor Swift. I’ve loved her music for years, and I have always been excited everytime she releases new music. So obviously, when Lover came out on the 23rd of August, I listened to it once. Then twice. Then three times… Okay, alright, I’m going to be honest here, and admit I’ve listened to it every day since it came out, even several times a day. When I listen to music lately, chances are, it’s going to be Lover.Read More »