May wrap-up: a month of beginnings, endings and surprises 🌻

may wrap-upHi everyone!

May was a month of final exams, getting the results for said final exams, moving, a couple weeks of vacation before I start work in June and not reading as many books as I would have liked. Good news is, my exams went alright and I passed my first year of studying law at university 🎉 I was honestly so relieved because I was expecting to have failed my second semester. I’ve also finished my replay of Mass Effect 2 (a game from my favourite game series, as I’ve mentioned a few times I think?) and as usual, it was emotional. I pretty much know the last mission of the game by heart, and yet I was worried I would make a mistake (I didn’t). I started my replay of Mass Effect 3 right after, but I haven’t made much progress. I love video games because, to me, they’re just another form of storytelling with incredible characters and plots so I wanted to mention it.Read More »


Six for Sunday: 2019 books I’m really excited for, with some of my most anticipated debuts and sequels 💛

six for sunday(2)Hi everyone!

When I was tweeting about my most anticipated reads for 2019 at the end of last year, I realized so many amazing books were coming out. I’ve already read a few 2019 releases, and some have made it to my list of favourite novels of the year such as The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi and Descendant of the Crane by Joan He. Both were 5-star novels for me, and I love them so much.

But the year is far from over, and there are still so many 2019 books that haven’t come out yet that I’m really looking forward to reading. This is today’s prompt for the Six for Sunday weekly event created and hosted by Steph over at A little but a lot: 2019 books I’m excited for. Here they are!Read More »

The Book Addiction tag 📚

book addiction tag(1)Hi everyone!

Books. I love reading them, I love talking about them and even when they make me cry sometimes from so many emotions, I don’t mind for one second. Well, okay, maybe a few seconds when my tears get my glasses all dirty and I have to stop reading to clean them. Books are great, whole universes I can get lost into, fall in love with characters and follow them on their journeys. I always loved reading books, from the moment I actually knew how to read (five year-old me was SO PROUD when she read a whole book out loud to her kindergarden class).

But am I addicted to books? The lovely Marie at Drizzle & Hurricane Books tagged me in the Book Addiction Tag, so I guess that’s our chance to find out!

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Spoiler-free review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo 📓

six of crows 4Hi everyone!

A quick look on my goodreads will tell you that I have shelved Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo with the book series I don’t intend to finish. This was a few years ago, when I read the first novel; it was alright, it wasn’t a bad book at all. I rated it 3 stars, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to want to continue with the trilogy.

Six of Crows then came out, and I was interested; it sounded pretty great. I saw and read so many great reviews for it so I was definitely intrigued. Still, I didn’t plan on reading it because I hadn’t finished the Grisha Trilogy and I didn’t see myself reading it without having finished the original series first. That’s a personal thing, I know, but it’s how I felt (and it’s mostly still how I feel when it comes to other novels, I don’t like staring in the middle of a series). So many people have told me I could read Six of Crows on its own just fine, that I would have no problem understanding things. And I believed them, but I wasn’t sure. Recently though, after being told this again, being in the mood for a novel like this one and my interest in the novel still being there, I told myself to just read it. Which I did, and I don’t regret it at all.Read More »

Jane Eyre or the impact of a novel on my life 🧡

jane eyre2Hi everyone!

I don’t read classics very often. Most of the ones I have read in the past have been for school, so required reading; because of that, I haven’t enjoyed many of them. The first I truly loved was Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, and it wasn’t required reading. For many years, it was my favourite classic. Then, I remember it was the month of June, I was home from university and for unknown reasons, I decided to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.Read More »

I Dare You Book Tag 📔 an unexpected trip down memory lane!

I dare you Book tag(2)Hi everyone!

My exams are finally over, and I’m now on a break for a little bit before I start my summer job! The last couple weeks have been quite stressful, which is why I haven’t been posting much, I’m so sorry about that. In that time, I was tagged by the lovely Lauren at twenty-seven letters in the I dare you book tag! Please make sure to check her blog and her answers here, they’re great😊 I’m really excited to answer these questions, so shall we?

The rules are:

  • You must be honest.
  • You must answer all the questions.
  • You must tag at least 4 people.


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