Why I mostly read ebooks

5 reasons why I mostly read ebooksHappy Sunday!

I’ve been wondering for a while if I was going to write this post or not because for some reason I was worried but I decided to write it anyway. I want to start by saying I’m only going to talk about my own experience and my personal reasons for mostly reading ebooks, but I’m in no way saying other ways of reading books are bad. To me, reading in all its forms is great, whether it be physical books (hardback or paperback), audio books, graphic novels, that 120k words fanfiction you read last night … I’ll never judge anyone for reading in their preferred format and genre. For me personally, ebooks really changed a lot of things in terms of reading, and I simply wanted to talk about it; it’s also a way to explain the lack of pictures with physical books I could have taken on my blog you might be wondering about. So without further ado, let’s get started!

5 reasons why I mostly read ebooks(1)

One: Budget

As a kid, when I read only in French, I used to spend hours at the library and check out so many books to bring home. I’d also find books in garage sales which meant I was lucky enough to have access to many books. I’d also buy brand new books (well my parents did most of the time, but I’d buy some as well with birthday money for example) but that wasn’t the majority of my books. Then, as I grew up, the library had less and less of the books I wanted to read. When I started university a few years ago to study English, I, at the same time, started reading novels in English when that was the language they were written in originally. I live in France, so books in English are not easy to find everywhere in bookstores and sometimes can be a bit pricey. Finding them in libraries is difficult as well. I could always order them online, and I did at first. But of course, my student budget didn’t allow me to buy many physical books. So after a while, I invested in an ereader (the simplest Kindle there was) and sure, there was that initial purchase, but after that, access to books in English was so much easier and cheaper. I could read several books for the price of one physical copy which meant I could still invest in a hobby I loved but handle my budget at the same time.

5 reasons why I mostly read ebooks(1)Two: Space

I moved to a small flat when I was 18, once again when I started university for the first time. And while I had enough space for myself and everything I needed, I most definitely didn’t have the space to have a full wall of bookshelves, and there was no way I could have found a place for all my ebooks if I’d had them in physical form. I kept trying to tidy the shelves I had, but I just had to accept the fact that they wouldn’t be because I simply had to stack up the things I already had. It was a bit like a game of Tetris. Ebooks really made things easier in that aspect as well.

5 reasons why I mostly read ebooks(1)Three: Moving

I guess this one goes with the previous one in a way. When I moved at the end of my degree, I was moving some of my things back to my parents house but also in storage because a few months after that, I was moving to England. Even if I didn’t have a huge amount of books, I still had bought a few physical copies in the 3 years I was there and it felt like it was too much to handle in a move. I also didn’t want them to sit in boxes unused so I donated a good number of them to a couple charities. I knew I couldn’t bring them with me to England, and I didn’t know where I was going after that, so others could enjoy them. In England, I lived in a house share, so I only had my bedroom as a truly personal space and I knew I’d only be there for like 9 months, so I kept using ebooks. I’m glad I did, because after my job contract ended, I moved back to France before moving again two months later to Scotland. From Scotland, I moved again to France a few months after; my last move was 7 months ago, and I’ll probably move a few more times in the next few years. I can’t imagine having to move a large amount of books around every year, and I know for a fact I couldn’t have done it when moving overseas. It was just not practical for me.

5 reasons why I mostly read ebooks(1)Four: Choice

Now, this one might seem a bit strange. I’m a mood reader, I very rarely decide on a TBR for the month to come; I simply read which book I’m in the mood for. Otherwise, I feel like I’m not giving a fair chance to the book as there’s a big chance I won’t enjoy it if I’m not in the mood for it. I also don’t buy too many ebooks in advance (I have a few that I know for sure I’ll get to at some point, but probably less than 20) which means I don’t always own the book I want to read. With ebooks, it’s not a problem, since I can buy it and have it right away. And I know I’m very lucky in that aspect.

5 reasons why I mostly read ebooks(1)Five: Commute

I almost only use public transport when going to university or when I went to work in England (and my commute was an hour long there) so I can read if I want. Having an ebook with me makes things so much simpler, as my backpack is already heavy enough as it is. I can’t imagine bringing a 400 pages long book with me on top of my school stuff. My back would hate me if I did. I also often read during my lunch breaks, and I wouldn’t want to get food stains on the pages, and it would happen even if I was careful because I’m clumsy. Ebooks really have allowed me to read more.

So here are five reasons why I mostly read ebooks. They’ve really made reading easier for me in the last few years and for that I’m very happy. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on the the subject in the comments!

What format of books do you read the most? For what reasons?

Until next time,


14 thoughts on “Why I mostly read ebooks

  1. I find that I fly through specific ebooks, but I take forever to read others. That’s why I tend to read physical copies. I find that I tend to read those faster. However, the benefits of ebooks, including all the ones you mentioned, don’t go unnoticed and so I still read about 1-2 ebooks a month. It’s definitely the only thing I’ll read while commuting!

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    • That’s super interesting, I always felt like I read ebooks much faster than physical copies, so it’s interesting to see how different it is for you! How do you decide which books you’ll read physical copies of or ebook?

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      • I mainly read romance books as ebooks. Plus, 90% of my arcs are ebooks. And then rarely there’s a book I’m interested in that I decided to read as an ebook for whatever reason, either because of travel, or it was the only way to get the book from the library.

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  2. This is such a great post, I loved reading it so much ❤ I used to be so into physical copies, I remember thinking that I couldn't get into ebooks, somehow it felt strange to read this way? Then I invested in an e-reader a couple months after I started blogging and I never looked back. I still prefer reading physical copies, there is something about holding that book and turning the pages and everything that makes me so happy and…peaceful, somehow, but I love ebooks so much just as well. They're so practical and it's so easy to carry around so many books, I love this! 🙂
    I also love how cheap they can be -being French, too, it's not easy to find bookshops with books in English and the prices are often expensive. I order my books online and I also like getting ebooks, but.. sometimes it is so frustrating when ebooks are just as expensive or even more expensive than physical copies? This makes me so mad at times haha 🙂
    Wonderful post! Sorry I've been rambling a lot hahaha. ❤

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  3. I’m also a huge proponent of ebooks, and the reasons you listed are the exact same for me 🙂 It’s so much more affordable and easy for me to carry around! I love that I can have the Kindle app on my phone and be able to read anywhere I go even if I forget my physical Kindle at home. Of course, it’s not as aesthetic as a hard copy, but I still love the ease of its use!

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  4. Hi Noémie, I just found your blog via Marie’s (Drizzle and Hurricanes) and I’m glad to meet a fellow ebook reader. I also read mostly ebooks and love them for the same reasons. I’ve moved every few years since I was 15, and leaving hard copy books behind is so devastating sometimes, plus luggage issues! So, I’ve fully embraced my Kindle and love that I can have a multitude of choices in my hand at any given time!


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    • Hi Afoma! It’s so nice to meet, I’m happy you found my blog 🙂 With this article, I discovered that I wasn’t as alone as I thought in mostly only reading ebooks, and I can totally relate to the moving. I’ve moved a lot since I was 18 and the luggage issue was so bad. My kindle was a life changer for sure!


  5. I love this post! When I first started blogging (on my old blog back in 2017), I felt really weird about the fact that I mostly read e-books. I’ve owned a kindle since college – all those classics I had to read for my English degree were dirt cheap on kindle! At the time I started blogging, I was living in a small town with 0 bookstores. For me, the price and convenience of e-books will always keep me reading them. Honestly, the only reason I have as many physical books as I do now is because I work in a bookstore and get a hefty discount. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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