A new beginning

Welcome !

Happy wednesday!

I’m going to introduce myself really quickly: I’m Noémie, 24-year-old french reader and I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite a while now. I’ve tried in the past,  but I was unsure of myself and therefore these attempts never went on for very long. But now is a new year, and I decided it was the perfect moment to begin again!

There are so many books I’ve read and loved that I wish I could have talked about with someone and there will be many more in the future so writing a blog seems like a great thing for me. I also love writing: inspiration has not always been with me the past few years, but it has finally come back and I want to seize the opportunity and write about something I’m very passionate about!

I hope you enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to talk about the books and stories you love, I’d love to discover new books and characters I can fall in love with!

Until next time!